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16 November 2015

Mini Talon Maiden

Maidened my Mini Talon. Flies fast and can fly really slow, it glides and a lot easier to land compared its big brother! AUW 1.3 kg with 6000 mAh 3S. Eflite Park 480 910kv spinning a 9x7 Aeronaut CF folding prop. Takes off with authority under half throttle.


Left bank slight dive - Talon

Something is wrong with my Talon, it is starting to drive me crazy. It banks to the left with a slight dive and I can't fidure out why it is doing this. All control surfaces are level and the only thing I have on the left wing is a Dragonlink dipole antenna. I don't think the weight of the antenna + coaxial cable that runs 2/3 of the length of the left is causing this. 

MFD on Phantom FX-61

I moved my MFD AP from my Bix 2 to my Phantom FX-61 and with almost zero tweaking ( I just loaded the X5 settings and changed my pack to 4S) my FX-61 flew like it was on rails when on STB and ALT* modes even with 12 - 15 km crosswinds. I have used other APs in the past and most of them require a bit of tweaking to get the plane dialed in.

5th Bixler build

I love the Bixler 2 so much I built my 3rd FPV Bixler (5th Bixler plane in total). This one is for short range FPV flights in a smaller flight area (less than 5 kms). I plan to use this plane to get myself comfortable in using goggles instead of a monitor. I am also using this Bixler to test a few FPV components that I am new to. This one has the Hawkeye MiniRX 8-channel long range receiver which a I got from DTF UHF and the MFD OSD/AP I got from .

OpenLRSNG PSP 202 error - Hawkeye OpenLRS

What worked for me was to install the latest version of the Configurator but keep an older one (mine was 4.7) while still on Developer mode on Chrome. Connect using the to the new version with the checkbox checked, once I get connected and see the PSP 202 error I close the Configurator then launch the 4.7 version and connect again and whola it works! I can also reproduce it all the time even after reboots and multiple uninstall and re-install of the new and old Configurator. It is cumbersome and tedious process but it works.

RL transmitter + telephone cord extension mod

I want to share a mod that I did on my Rangelink LRS system. It is getting colder here in Canada and flying outside is becoming harder and harder as winter approaches. What I did was to mount the RL transmitter to a tripod and used a 25 foot telephone extension cord to connect it to my Turnigy 9x transmitter. I had to provide separate power to the RL transmitter as suggested by Sid becuase I'm getting continous beeping on the RL transmitter when I switch to high power mode. Thanks again Sid for providing the wiring digram!