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21 November 2015

RSSI issues with TBS Crosfire and Eagle Tree Vector AP

Got the RSSI working on PPM channel 6. The RSSI value is still bouncing from 92 to 99. I just need to do a test flight and see how drastic the RSSI value goes down once the plane is up in the air. I had to upgrade the firmware on both Crossfire tx and rx to v1.06 to get the RSSI on PPM working.

10km test flight. 500mw stock TX and RX antennas

TBS Crossfire Long Range System

Just got my TBS Crossfire TX and RX today. Connected it to my Turnigy 9x (stock firmware) TX powered and bound the RX, all good up to this point. The ESC/Motor will not engage/enable (on channel 3) and channel 2 is not working all other channels respond on tx inputs. Re-bound the rx to the tx, same thing. Went to the RX Diversity on the tx and Output 1 - 8 are mapped to Channels 1 - 8. Firmware loaded is v1.00 No updates available on the TBS Agent, what did I miss?

Runcam or Mobius?

I like both but Runcam is cheaper. I have used both extensivley in all sorts of lighting conditions and I like the Runcam slightly better than the Mobuis. Lots of reviews online on both cameras so I will not bother even writing my own review 

2.4 GHz to 433 MHz PPM relay

Copied from another FPV Pilot we call "The Pianist

Very reliable PPM relay system. I use a Turnigy BEC to supply 5v to the receiver and 12v straight from a 3S pack to the DragonLink tx. I can put my 433 antenna gs anywhere in the launch site and do not have to worry where to point my tx antenna. I also used a PPM encoder to translate PWM from my Turnigy RX to PPM and fed straight to my DragonLink tx.

Pixhawk Flight Controller

I bought 2 Pixhawk FCs from 3DR but did not get the GPS module, I find $90 US is a rip off for a GPS module so I got a GPS module from Ebay While waiting for ther GPS module to arrive, I've read in a post that the connector of this one that I got from Ebay might not work right of the box with the Pixhawk.