Phantom FX-61 + Eagle Tree Vector OSD/Autopilot

I have been trying to get as much flight time on my Phantom FX-61 that I built last year. So far after crashing a few times, breaking 2 plastic motor mounts, trying 2 OSDs/Autopilot system and finally switching to CF folding props I think I got the FX-61 dialed in and ready for long range flights. I was initially struggling with the Eagle Tree Vector's RTH configuration, the plane was not flying properly when RTH is engaged, after a some tweaks on the Vector's configuration and a few test flights my confidence is back on it's RTH 100%. The next flights will be focused on efficiency, telemetry values will be reviewed and changes, if neccessary, will be done on the motor and prop combo as well as the battery pack model (for weight) that it will carry. I will also test a 5 element yagi antenna tuned for 430 Mhz on my ground station. As soon as good weather comes here at the west side of Canada I will get the bird up and hopefully cover at least 15 kms 1 way.