RL transmitter + telephone cord extension mod

I want to share a mod that I did on my Rangelink LRS system. It is getting colder here in Canada and flying outside is becoming harder and harder as winter approaches. What I did was to mount the RL transmitter to a tripod and used a 25 foot telephone extension cord to connect it to my Turnigy 9x transmitter. I had to provide separate power to the RL transmitter as suggested by Sid becuase I'm getting continous beeping on the RL transmitter when I switch to high power mode. Thanks again Sid for providing the wiring digram! The idea is to fly my Skywalker from inside my car where the temp is a lot warmer  and use the built in LCD monitor in my car as the ground station monitor.


RJ 45 data ports x2
RJ 45 connectors x2
25 foot telephone extension cord
Tripod x 1