5th Bixler build

I love the Bixler 2 so much I built my 3rd FPV Bixler (5th Bixler plane in total). This one is for short range FPV flights in a smaller flight area (less than 5 kms). I plan to use this plane to get myself comfortable in using goggles instead of a monitor. I am also using this Bixler to test a few FPV components that I am new to. This one has the Hawkeye MiniRX 8-channel long range receiver which a I got from DTF UHF and the MFD OSD/AP I got from www.myflydream.com . It is on 5.8 and carrying a 4500 mAh Turnigy Nanotech pack.

Half an hour of trimming and getting the CG right I got the plane dialed in and ready for FPV flying. I just need to be aware that it is quite heavy carrying a 4500 mAh pack, the plane comes in hot on landings.