TBS Crossfire Long Range System

Just got my TBS Crossfire TX and RX today. Connected it to my Turnigy 9x (stock firmware) TX powered and bound the RX, all good up to this point. The ESC/Motor will not engage/enable (on channel 3) and channel 2 is not working all other channels respond on tx inputs. Re-bound the rx to the tx, same thing. Went to the RX Diversity on the tx and Output 1 - 8 are mapped to Channels 1 - 8. Firmware loaded is v1.00 No updates available on the TBS Agent, what did I miss?

I think I got a bad receiver. I measured the voltage that comes out of channel 2 and channel 3 (on PWM) and they are not consistent with the voltage outputs of the other working channels. The only way I can make channel 2 and 3 work is to map them to another output. Thinking that it may be just some "mapping" issue on the receiver I moved channel 2 & 3 to output 7 and 8, I then enabled one of my AUX channel to output 7 still no go. So that's the PWM story, now I tried setting channel 2 on PPM and plugged it on my "working" Pixhawk on a Mini Talon with a Hawkeye OpenLRS system, pulled the PPM servo wire going to the Hawkeye receiver and plugged it into Channel 2 on the Crossfire receiver, opened Mission Planner --> Mandatory Hardware-->Radio Calibration -- nothing  Move PPM to channel 1 through the Crossfire tx and whoala! Dead channel 2 and potentially channel 3 on the rx.