RSSI issues with TBS Crosfire and Eagle Tree Vector AP

Got the RSSI working on PPM channel 6. The RSSI value is still bouncing from 92 to 99. I just need to do a test flight and see how drastic the RSSI value goes down once the plane is up in the air. I had to upgrade the firmware on both Crossfire tx and rx to v1.06 to get the RSSI on PPM working.

10km test flight. 500mw stock TX and RX antennas

RSSI although amazingly rock solid at 100 even at 10km is not a valid value. I followed TBS' suggestion on upgrading to firmware v1.06 which got the RSSI to show up on the Vector through the PPM stream. I have been trying to figure out and understand this RSSI on the Crossfire for more than a week now and still no clear answer from TBS. It would be nice to know which FC/OSD products TBS Crosffire was tested on, which features were tested and which feature works and which one doesn't.

I tried looking at the config of both the Crossfire and the Vector again and I think I found out what I was doing wrong. I keep on going to RX Diversity -->Output Map and setting my RSSI to channel 6 PWM. I should have been going to PPM MAP and set whatever free channel I have left to RSSI or LQ or both.

What I did
1. RX Diversity --> Output MAP--> Output 2 "PPM"
2. RX Diversity --> PPM Map --> Channel 11 "RSSI" Channel 12 "LQ"
3. Go to Vector Configuration--> RC Configuration tab
4. On the Serial PPM/S-BUS Chanel Mapping area RSSI set to channel 11 and Link Quality to Channel 12
5. Run the RX Analysis Wizard again

I have RSSI and LQ showing up on my Vector, the RSSI is not solid 100 anymore and it goes down drastically if I move the TX away 10 to 20 feet away from the RX. I just need to test is again and see what RSSI value I get from 10km away.