New LRS System

Got the DTF-UHF tx and receiver I bought from I initially played with it by connecting it to my laptop via USB cable and so far I am really happy with how easy it is to configure the transmitter through the OpenLRSng app. Right off the the bat the spectrum analyzer worked like a charm. I will post/upload a howto and configuration video on the DTF-UHF LRS as soon as I get it installed on one of my FPV planes.


I finally got the DTFUHF transmitter and receiver, branded as Hawkeye installed and working on my Bixler 2. I took me a while to figure out the RSSI (analog) and the channel/port re-assignments. I like the feature where you can update both the transmitter and receiver settings from your laptop/pc. I had to solder a bridge on the receiver to enable analog RSSI for my Cyclops Storm OSD.

I am just waiting for good weather (warmer) to get the bird up and in the air and test this 1W transmitter. I will use a home built dipole on the receiver and a stock 1/4 wavelength antenna on the transmitter.